Welcome to African Football Germany

Engr. Marcel Anyanwu (Major Sponsor of CAFE Football Tournament)

Opening Ceremony of Confederation of African Football Germany (CAFE) 2012 Football Tournament.

The event was officially opened by the current chairman Nze Hanson Ogbuju and the CAFE executive in presence of all football teams and spectators. Africans trooped out in their numbers to participate in the CAFE football tournament of 2012. One could observe innovative changes in the organization hierarchy and structure, as well as improvement in the management and professionalism in the attitude of the players.


Major Sponsor

2011 African football championship is proudly sponsored by a Nigerian born businessman and Philanthropist Engr. Marcel Anyanwu C.E.O. Global Shipping Service GmbH. According to him, he made it a point of duty over the years to support sports in all forms, most especially children and youth sports. His intention for sponsoring and coordinating the CAFE Championship in cooperation with CAFE executive is to bring Africans together, support sports and integration and to promote talents.

Sponsorship of Children Sports


Besides making our personal contribution we see it as our obligation to support and gather funds for the sick and poor in third world countries, where high demographic do not have essential daily need nor do they hope for changes in the near future.Surpporting the sick and poor

Therefore we intend to seek from our customers to support by donating for mentioned purposes. They funds generated will be used to help the sick, Orphans, Motherless Babies and the Needy most especially in those rural areas where our help are sincerely and desperatly needed. Let us all contribute and put a smile on their faces. For God give to those who give to others. More Information write to following email “fortheneedy@globalshipping24.com